Independent 21 Narratives Magazine

21 Narratives is an independent, highly critical and relevant Magazine that shows the 21 Narratives we live in or want to live in. We try to bring up topics from which we can learn to live as free a life as possible while giving a big middle finger to the current sytem.

We are committed to bringing content into the digital age by collecting the best writing talents, podcasters and other content creators who all have one thing in common – living in a free world.

Inspiration as a writer?

We are all busy acting as fiat slaves (for those who don’t, good job!), including the editors. Because of this, we cannot cover all the sensational news events. If you have the ambition to write, if you have the quality to take a subject totally out of context or if you know how to make a story out of thin air and make other people laugh, feel free to contact us.