Bitcoin: The Best Reserve Asset in the Digital Age

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The cost of food is soaring, forcing families to put less food on the dinner table. Since July prices are up 31%. Vice Magazines releases an article stating Bitcoiners are obsessed with inflation and are asking #WTFhappenedin1971! History does often rhyme…

Palantir buys $50M worth of gold bars to counter “black swan event.” CEO says you have to prepare to a future with more black swan events… Why are they still buying gold in this digital age?!?

Join us in discussing why Ethereum is no place to look for security. Vitalik, the creator of ETH, said live on bloomberg that he believes ETH smart contracts are going to be more secure than the second layer Bitcoin solutions based on multisig that Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter is currently developing. Join us in discussing why we believe Vitalk flat out lied and of course like always we brought the recipes.

BTC Daily News Sources

Palantir buys $50M worth of gold bars to counter ‘black swan event’

Data analytics firm Palantir, best known for its secretive work with the Central Intelligence Agency and other government bodies, has bought $50 million worth of gold bars in preparation for another “black swan event.”

The Colorado-based company purchased $50.7 million worth of 100-ounce gold bars sometime in August, Palantir said in a short note buried in its 93-page second-quarter earnings report last week.…

Bitcoiners Are Obsessed With Inflation. Are They Right?

Over the past few months, some have begun to ring alarm bells about the specter of inflation. Nowhere is this more clear than in the world of cryptocurrencies, where a growing number of enthusiasts have promoted digital coins as hedges against rising prices. 

The typical argument is that loose monetary and fiscal policies are keeping interest rates low and government spending high, which is eroding the value of the dollar while pushing up prices for all goods and services beyond an ideal rate of inflation. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have a capped and diminishing supply of new units and are thus deflationary, and cannot be devalued by the actions of a central bank or deficit-spending state.…

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