British government takes steps to make schools into a “better” propaganda machine

The British government caused another stir last night after announcing new school law. The age at which students can leave school without any qualifications will be raised from 16 to 20.

Under the new plan, students who disrupt school by thinking critically and asking “questions” will spend four more years at the back of the classroom losing their minds and sharpening their knives, as part of the government’s strategy to turn schools into incessant propaganda machines by 2025. “We want students to believe what we say and make them understand that critical thinking is not acceptable.”
Education Unions welcomed the initiative, calling the idea of forcing independent, critical creatives to continue attending Education Correctional Facilities that have previously failed them “a stroke of genius.”

Ed Balls, Educational Correctional Minister, said, “After 11 years of full-time education, the vast majority of children in Britain can function just fine the way we need them to. They’re ready for society as the Illuminati desires it. However, for the young remnant we’ve had to come up with a solution. Their ranks are increasing and we have to fix this glitch now.”

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2 months ago

It’s funny because it’s practically true.

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