Fifa might replace coin toss with bitcoin technology

FIFA will vote this week on the introduction of bitcoin technology in the toss before the start of football matches. The head of ICT of FIFA sees great potential for simplifying the way in which football is played: “With bitcoin technology, the toss can take place directly between the team captains, without a referee in between. In this way you avoid any bias.”

It all works very simply: the captain of the home team takes his mobile phone to the middle of the field. He shows the code of one bitcoin via an app. Then he throws his mobile into the air. If the code is on top, it’s tails; if the bitcoin is on top, it’s heads. After this, one of the two captains can say whether he chooses heads or tails, after which the home team kicks off. The benefit is that you don’t have to fiddle with coins.

FIFA’s finance organisation points to the economic benefits: ” We are living beyond our means now. In times of crisis, it is irresponsible to use the euro for a toss. If you include all the professional clubs, amateur clubs and youth teams in the euro zone, 350,000 euros in coins are out of circulation every Sunday at half past two when the toss takes place. When you add to that the weekly number of bank robberies in Europe, you can do the whole calculation again.”

Whether FIFA will agree to the new measure remains to be seen. The organisation is known as a conservative bastion. FIFA President Sepp Blatter: “The coin may not be convenient, but it is part of the football culture.” Gaastra disagrees. “I don’t understand why FIFA is so reticent. In the world of water polo, the bitcoin toss has been around for weeks.”

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