How Bitcoin Memes are Destroying the Legitimacy of the Dollar

Join us today with the MEMTARDS reviewing EPIC memes!!! New article by the Finacial Times released asking to “please stop calling dollars ‘fiat money,’ currencies are not memes that only have value because governments say they do…” Clearly meme warfare is exposing the lie that is fiat and the central bankers don’t like it ! Let’s keep getting under their skin because they’re FREAKING OUT! Good job memetards!

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Let’s all please stop calling dollars ‘fiat money’

Sometimes it’s possible to simplify something too much. More than a decade ago Ben Bernanke, then chair of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes, the television show that important Americans call when they have important things to say.…

Reserve Requirements

The following content explains the Board’s authority to impose reserve requirements and how reserve requirements were administered prior to the change in reserve requirement ratios to zero. Additional detail on this reserve requirement regime can be found in the archived Reserve Maintenance Manual: HTML | PDF.

The Federal Reserve Act authorizes the Board to establish reserve requirements within specified ranges for purposes of implementing monetary policy on certain types of deposits and other liabilities of depository institutions.…



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