IN 2 WEEKS… Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender in El Salvador!

Mainstream media and financial elites are freaking out because El Salvador is allowing Bitcoin to be legal tender on September 7th, 2021. They continue to attack this using false narratives.

The Cardano Foundation will now deploy AML/CFT analytics for the Cardano blockchain… saying that these new services will ensure that Cardano remains FAFT compliance, Check out Token Sniffer below to see the latest 100 tokens flagged due to known or potential hacks!

All new Binance users are now required to complete Intermediate Verification to access their services.

BTC Daily News Sources

Binance hires former IRS official for money laundering reporting role

Crypto exchange Binance has hired Greg Monahan, a former U.S. government official at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to lead its global money laundering reporting efforts.

Monahan is based in Washington and spent over 20 years at the IRS, leading cybercrime criminal investigations at the agency. He joins Binance from Deloitte, where he spent less than five months in a compliance role, according to his LinkedIn.…

Is Bitcoin Actually Reliable Enough to Be Known as an Official Currency?

El Salvador’s move to turn Bitcoin into a legal tender created a sense of optimism for market improvement for those who have a close eye on cryptocurrencies. The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, sent the “Bitcoin Law” to the Legislative Assembly on June 9. It takes effect in September, hoping to turn El Salvador into a utopia of Bitcoin lovers. 

Passing the Bitcoin Law may indicate the desire of a former businessman and a current president to make El Salvador a leading country in adopting cryptocurrencies as a legal tender. However, the initial excitement around this law has now subsided, and we can take a wise and analytical look at the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador.…

Daily Fails Sources

Compliance: Cardano Foundation Implementing AML Analytics

The two parties announced the collaboration on August 24th. It reads that the deployment of these new analytics services will ensure that Cardano remains fully FATF (Financial Action Task Force) compliant while adhering to other national and international regulations.

As networks like Cardano and Ethereum provide the foundation for an increasing number of burgeoning cryptocurrencies, they also create further possibilities for scams, theft, and money laundering. This encourages greater skepticism from regulatory bodies toward the networks, necessitating transparency to appease them before they stifle or crush their growth.…

Token Sniffer

Our mission is to make DEX trading safer from malicious contracts, exit scams (“rug pulls”), and hacks. This site scans contracts for known scams, maintains a list of scams/hacks, and computes contract similarity.

Cardano in Africa: Inside IOHK’s Ethiopia Blockchain Deal

Ethiopia might be not the first place you think of as a hotspot for blockchain technology. 

A predominantly rural country where only 15% of the population has access to the internet, Ethiopia is going through severe civil unrest in the north. Ethnic strife in the Tigray region recently led to thousands killed and millions fleeing the country as refugees to neighboring Sudan. The country is also experiencing local internet shutdowns.…

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Locale handling bugfix, minor UI fixes and improvements.…

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