New bitcoin whitepaper for shitcoiners has 30,000 notes that all say ‘have fun staying poor’

EU.- CW, a provider of many fine whitepapers, has released an exciting new Bitcoin whitepaper version special made for shitcoiners and nocoiners. This special edition of the Bitcoin whitepaper has over 30,000 notes, all of which simply say, “Have Fun Staying Poor.”

Scholars who worked on this whitepaper say they did years of extensive research to distill this excellent knowledge for all the shit and no coiners who want to know more about Bitcoin and so reflect what life would be like in a sovereign world. They did in-depth word studies and researched thousands of sources to arrive at the best, most accurate meaning of each chapter, and then simply put a note to Have Fun Staying Poor.

“This is the perfect tool for shit and no coiners who want to dig deeper into the Word of Liberty,” said a CW spokesperson. “If you have a question about a verse in the whitepaper, you just follow the little number – written in orange so even you can’t miss it – and go see what the note says.

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