Return to Eden: Sustainability and CO2 as a tool to push through political agendas

The film is mainly spoken in Dutch but can be subtitled in English

Independent documentary filmmaker Marijn Poels presented the documentary “Return To Eden” in 2020. This is the final part of his controversial trilogy. In 2017 his notorious first part ‘The Uncertainty Has Settled’ was revealed. In which, Poels addressed various scientific assumptions about climate change and also visited climate critics. As a result, that film came back to haunt him with hate mails and threats from activists. The movie was rejected in many places and removed from cinemas under pressure. In response, he made his second part, “Paradogm. In it he examined the toxic state of the current public debate and made themes such as polarization, conformism and intolerance visible.

In ‘Return To Eden’ Poels returns to climate change and agriculture. Is the current climate change a problem or a challenge?

Far removed from collective climate hysteria, fear and chaos, there is hope, inspiration and there are solutions. Free from framing and full of deep wisdom of people who approach the solutions ecologically. Where the globalizing farmer gets sucked into the heart of the problem between government subsidies, banks and buyers, the independent entrepreneur grows his food locally, in the middle of the desert, in an inspiring way. And that may well offer more solutions than purely for our food.

“We are the only race on earth that is rapidly disconnecting from its biological origins. Is that smart and where is the line?”

Sustainability and CO2 in particular can be abused without limit as tools to push through political global agendas. A healthy, living soil consumes large amounts of CO2. But can it even go a step further? Can healthy soil in the desert calm the climate and prevent hurricanes?

“The line between regulating and manipulating is razor-thin,” says Poels. “We, as citizens, must guard this very critically. Sustainability and CO2 in particular can be abused without limit as tools to push through global political agendas. Centralization of power, of agriculture and our food is pulling us further and further out of our biological and natural balance. Common sense is then quickly confused with tables and technology, a breeding ground for chaos.”

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