Scientists and Astrologists concludes: bitcoin rise due to full moon

After collecting a lot of data and spending hours peering through a telescope, it can finally be concluded that the bitcoin price rise that started last week was due to the full moon. By looking at the chart, it becomes clear that bitcoin began its rise around 24 July, which coincides with the last full moon.

This is not the first time this has happened and, slowly, a pattern seems to be emerging. On January 28, there was also this natural phenomenon. On this day, bitcoin started to rise from 33400 to 46200 in 12 days. Scientists and astrologers are unanimous that bitcoin will reach unprecedented heights this year as 5 more full moons will appear

July’s full moon is called the Full Thunder Moon, after the frequent thunderstorms that roll in during early summer. Thunderstorms are more likely to form in humid environments during summer because of the moist, hot air rising from the ground to the higher, colder parts of our atmosphere. This has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. The Full Thunder Moon is, therefore, a warning sign for a surprisingly dangerous time of the year. But as we already know, the honeybadger dont give a fck.

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