Why Bitcoin Will ANNIHILATE the Bond Market


Recap of everything Bitcoin for August 14th, 2021

► Join us today with Erasmus as he decodes and describes the chaos of the legacy financial system based on the fiat standard. Inflation continues to grow out of control. Gap between money supply growth and GDP is below zero. Even with all the money printing, it looks like the stock market is not increasing anymore. It’s only a matter of time til world governments realize holding bonds is worthless compared to Bitcoin, you can already start to see this happening in Japan and Russia.

► Strike CEO, Jack Mallers, talks on CNBC about the most inclusive monetary network of all time: Bitcoin. Mallers says true innovation is a global unified singular open source payment standard for the world, and that’s way we should spend our time and money in Bitcoin.

► Alex Suanders, CEO of Nugget’s News, accused of not being able to repay followers. Saunders was asking his followers to invest in an unreleased sh*tcoin project called Decentral. Join us in talking about the difference between Bitcoin and sh*tcoins. Sh*tcoins that are not centralized and owned by a person or corporation all have corrupted incentives.

Daily Fail Sources

An Australian cryptocurrency influencer has been accused of not yet being able to repay significant sums of money in digital currencies.

  • Nugget’s News CEO Alex Saunders is accused of not being able to repay money
  • The crypto influencer has allegedly told friends he is on repayment plans
  • Several tech companies have distanced themselves from Mr Saunders

Launceston-based Alex Saunders is the founder and CEO of Nugget’s News, which has 140,000 subscribers on YouTube and also provides a fee-based service.

The company, which was founded in 2017 by Mr Saunders, promotes itself as a digital media channel that “delivers unfiltered coverage of the latest developments in cryptocurrency, housing, precious metals, commodities, stocks and other financial markets”.

Allegations Mr Saunders owes people money have been plastered all over Twitter, after US crypto-influencer Richard Heart last week posted a series of screenshots that appear to show the Nugget’s News founder asking him for money.

“I drive a Subaru hatchback but im (sic) the richest guy in Tasmania,” said one message allegedly sent to Mr Heart from Alex Saunders.

In messages seen by the ABC, Mr Saunders asks people to invest in a so-far unrealised crypto project called Decentra Bank, or Decentral Bank (DCB).

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BTC Daily News Sources

Strike CEO on paying with Bitcoin and lowering transaction costs

Strike Founder and CEO Jack Mallers joins The Exchange to discuss the future of Bitcoin and crypto regulation. ‘I think there needs to be a conceptual division between Bitcoin the asset … and Bitcoin the network,’ in order to move forward with actually paying for goods and services with Bitcoin, Mallers says.

Liquidity Is Evaporating Even Before Fed Taper Hits Markets

(Bloomberg) — A measure of U.S. financial liquidity whose declines foreshadowed two of the decade’s worst equity routs is flashing alarms even before the Federal Reserve embarks on its planned winding down of asset purchases.

The signal is obscure, but has sent meaningful signs in the past. Roughly speaking, it’s the gap between the rates of growth in money supply and gross domestic product, an indicator known to eco-geeks as Marshallian K. It just turned negative for the first time since 2018, meaning GDP is rising faster than the government’s M2 account.


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